About Alphabella Tyre Disposal Service

Our premises has the capacity to house up to 5000+ waste tyres at any one time. We have a number of vehicles in place for collection of your waste tyres on set days pre arranged with the customer. Working with our partner company in the mainland U.K we collect lorry loads of waste tyres and transfer these across for proper disposal. We partnered with this company simply because of their “Green Alternative” to a waste product.

Working with ourselves insures any waste product collected from your area or establishment will be disposed and recycled into uses such as:

– Sports facility materials

– Children’s playground materials

– Motorway road materials and much more…

As with many disposal companies a lot of the waste tyres are usually baled and shipped outside of the Uk or sent to landfill as they do not have the infrastructure or equipment to properly break down the rubber materials and chemicals to allow it to be re used properly and safely. With Alphabella we offer the green solution along with keeping business inside Great Britain.

What We Can Offer You

We have already in place collection vehicles to collect any waste tyres from your business or collection points. As our position in the recycling process is mainly collection and transportation it will be our job to transfer any waste tyres back to our yard in Scarva, load onto our lorries and ship into the U.K where our partner company then take over creating a recycled item out of your waste product. We can take anything from a motorcycle tyre right up to Hgv and agricultural tyres. Our pricing structure is very simple and competitive. which is included below.

Why Choose us?

Why choose Alphabella tyre Disposal, For yourselves it takes any worry of mess well away from your hands. Secondly its a green alternative to probably one of the worst waste products around and finally we do not ship outside of the UK all waste and its recycled products are produced and re used across Great Britain.

Give us a go!